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Amazon Seller. Goodreads: Book Reviews. Google Play Books. I was struggling to find secure footing in New York City, even though at that point I had been living here for over two years. I drifted from unemployment to menial entry-level jobs and back again. Too poor to afford regular internet access or train fare, I found myself cut off from my family.

I watched from a distance as they dissolved.

Public School Superhero

Only two years later my brother, me, and some photo albums would be all that was left. My identity was determined by genre at a very early age. Too late, I made one and I would really like Zelda for Christmas, please! I imagine by that point it had become clear to my parents what kind of monster they had created. My mother was a gentle, supportive, and hilarious person who made this world feel like the best thing orbiting the Sun, while my father left piles of tattered SFF paperbacks under every lamp, on every sun-baked car dashboard, and every greasy workbench. How was I expected not to want to explore this world and ALL worlds in this kind of environment?

My parents wisely relented on their ban of video games. I have always been bursting with the desire to explore, to DO something, but in I was stymied by a lack of basic structure in my life; structure provided by relationships, family, and employment that we often take for granted. I would spend a few days focused on job applications, but nothing would result, and that frustrated energy would go into writing fiction.

Then I would lose focus on the fiction, and again nothing would resolve, and that shaky energy would get poured into playing Nintendo all through the night. This behavior was cyclical and it drove me and my partner at the time insane. Over time, frustrated expectations develop into depression, and depression is corrosive. It erodes your perspective, your self-esteem, and subverts the time of those who truly care about you. Not being able to affect the world around me, even through simple interactions, made me angry as well.

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I had a lot of energy, a lot of IDEAS, and I was wriggling all over the place, trying to find some crack in the pavement where I could push through. Fiction in the form of books, television, movies, and video games became incredibly important to me during this period. They were often the only things in my life that offered access and, most importantly, that offered resolution. In hindsight, was simply a lull in epic fantasy publishing, but my perspective at the time was not so generously wide.

I could, at best, be described as a pair of glowing eyes hovering in the dark mouth of a cave. The effect of the strike was largely contextual.

Bring Me Back by B.A.Paris #Review @HQStories #ForgetSleep

I had nothing to pay attention to on TV, and no money to go seeking out new video games, so my focus fell more heavily onto books. From deep within my cave the subsequent announcements about the progress of The Wheel of Time took on a cynical edge. The final book would be released in November , they said.

But then Brandon said he needed to reread the series before he could even start writing it. Then he changed the target word rate to , words, then , words. And so on and so on. Although Tor and Sanderson were attempting to be communicative and clear in a way that had never before been attempted with the series, I just felt like I was being toyed with.

Here's Why You Hear That One Song Over and Over in 'Black Mirror'

The Wheel of Time series was already famous for avoiding resolutions. In the end, all Finn found of her was a little Russian doll next to their car. Twelve years later, Finn is engaged to none other than Layla sister, Ellen. As their wedding fast approaches the two start to receive mysterious signs that Layla might not really be dead. Little Russian dolls begin to show up on the wall outside their home, in various places they frequent and when the emails begin to arrive, Finn realizes that the lies he told on the night Laya first went missing might be back to haunt him.

I only have one more title to read in her catalog but a little birdy told me that there is a new B. Paris book to be released in early Anonymous More than 1 year ago. I figured the story out halfway through, but regardless it was an incredible read while the rest of the characters figured it all out.

Layla and Finn are the perfect couple--fate as brought them together. Finn has no idea what his terrible temper does with Layla's mind. Suddenly, Layla disappears without a trace. As Finn and Layla's sister console each other, inevitably Ellen and Finn fall in love. Twelve years later, Layla appears to have returned. What happens after that makes for a great story. Anonymous More than 1 year ago I liked the turns and surprises, and I would recommend this book as a funny, though intense read.

GratefulGrandma More than 1 year ago After listening to this audiobook, it took me a couple of days before writing this review.

I wanted to think about this story a bit. It is a psychological thriller that had me hooked right from the beginning. Finn and Layla were in love over a decade ago, until Layla goes missing from a gas station parking lot, never to be seen or heard from again. Finn and Layla's sister, Ellen fall in love some years later and have just announced their wedding.

Following the announcement, Finn and Ellen begin receiving Russian nesting dolls the meaning of which connects Ellen and Layla from their childhood. The addition of those Russian nesting dolls added a bit of creepiness to the story as well. What really happened to Layla?

Take On Me

Is she still alive? Who is placing those dolls in discriminate spots? I could not stop listening to this book. I loved the voice of Finn and when a chapter from Layly popped in, I loved hearing that narrator as well. They brought the characters alive for me. We also get a before and now perspective so we can see what was happening in Finn's and Layla's relationship. Paris delivers a very readable, unique and fun story here with unreliable characters.

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There was not a lot of suspense or thrill in this book, but it still had me wanting to find out what was going to happen next and I kept going even though I had other things to do. I did not figure out what was happening and was shocked by the ending. The epilogue tied everything up nicely and the last line was exactly what I was thinking after the reveal.

Anonymous More than 1 year ago Enjoyable. Finn is in love with Layla, but one night she disappears and is presumed dead. Ten years later he is engaged to Ellen, her sister. Yet he is receiving messages of various design that Layla is alive and wants him back. And then it gets more twisted and bizarre as this mystery unfolds.