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Bound MSS. Uncertain Items.

About the Library and Db. First edition London Binding: calf. The Genesis of "The Master of Ballantrae": "[ Eliza Acton , cook and poet, producing one of first cookbooks aimed at domestic market in Title continues: 'in which the principles of Baron Liebig and other eminent writers have been as much as possible applied and explained. Creech; - and T. Davies, London, Title continues: 'Designed chiefly to contribute to the Illustration of the Latin Classics. Binding: old calf; cracked. Creech, Edinburgh. The second edition, considerably enlarged. Title continues: 'Designed chiefly to Illustrate the Latin Classics.

First published Binding: calf; cracked.

Letters from Vailima to Edward L. Burlingame: 1. I have seen a good deal of La Farge and Adams, both delightful people: will you please send me the historical works of the latter by earliest occasion: he tells me they are dull, that's what I like. Will you please send me something as definite as you can as to the American privateers of ? Of course I have Adams; but what I want is some log of a voyage, or some popular work containing actual facts and faces, or any historic and detailed publications. I am willing to go if necessary fifty dollars on this. Jefferson ; Madison See Longer comments.

One of the pleasant incidents that I have yet met with, as an Englishman and a man of letters, was the kind present you made me today. Addison on the Pacific coast, and in an old edition - there could scarce be anything more homely. The pictures at least, I am sure you will admire; and you must forgive a little delapidation, for the book has travelled far. Believe me Your very much obliged [space] Robert Louis Stevenson. Letters 3, ; p.

Mehew notes: Francis Doud , an Irishman who emigrated to the USA in , served in the army during the Mexican War and settled in Monterey in , where he became a prosperous cattle farmer and owned the meat market. RLS took his Sunday lunch with the Douds. From Mehew note to Letters 8, ; p. Aesopus B. Edited by Joachim Camerarius , Bavarian classical scholar and Lutheran theologian who mediated between Protestants and Catholics at the Reformation.

Details from Harvard, where copy includes De Vita et moribus fortuna[e]que et interitu Aesopi. Binding: old calf; rubbed. Another TS edition of Aesop: 'By [Thomas] Stevenson's book collection is known to have embraced Aesop's Fables with Bewick woodcuts, Boece's Croniclis of Scotland , and engineering-related works, including Sinclair's Hydrostaticks with skilful pen and ink restoration of missing plates, presumably carried out by its young owner.

RLS's visiting card pasted on verso of front cover; note on title: 'fz'. Letter from Stobo to W. Henley, [? Agricola being in town, I cannot speak so fixedly as to him; This was never written. I want a By-Way badly. Dost hear? Badly [emphasis]. Hieronymus Froben , printer; Nicolaus Episcopius , his brother-in-law and colleague; both friends of Erasmus. With fine woodcuts. Letter from [Wick] to his mother, [7 Sept ]: This morning I got a delightful haul I almost forgot to drink my tea and eat mine egg. It contains more detailed accounts than anything I ever saw, except Wodrow [q.

Letters 1, 57; p. Letter from San Francisco to Charles Baxter, [9 Jan ]: Among my books there is one: Aikman's History of the Persecution or History of the Covenanters in the shelves immediately behind one as one sits at the business table, on which I think you will find my name written by my father; if this is so, please keep it; if not, I wish I could keep them all, but just now a pound or two is very near.

Letters 2.

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The Tower of London. A Historical Romance Essay: Random Memories : Rosa Quo Locorum, where unspecified edition is mentioned as being among the 'anything really legible' on his father's shelves, 'a spot of some austerity. William Harrison Ainsworth , popular novelist. First published London : Richard Bentley, pp. George Cruikshank Details from BL. Letter from [Braemar] to W. This first is only an experiment: wait till you see what I can make 'em with my hand in.

Literature and Ideology in Haiti, 1915–1961

You'll see that even by the Sea Cook. Letter from Davos to Edmund Gosse, [9 Nov ]: Go and see Harrison Ainsworth, and if you do, give him my homage: say I dote on his works; name your maker, like a man, and swear that I'm his fond admirer. The Recollections of Jonathan Alexander: formerly of the 52d and 66th Regiments now in his 88th year. Letters 5, ; p. Jonathan Alexander , soldier.

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George Seton , advocate; secy. Mehew note: A description of a lecture, given by Alexander, a former private, of his recollections of Napoleon at St. Captain Jenkin, 'a tall handsome old gentleman', had exchanged reminiscences with the lecturer and told the audience how he himself had served in the guardship off St. Helena in Omitted from publication. Blackberries Picked off Many Bushes.

The Hunchback of Notre-Dame

Pollex and Others. Letter from [Hyeres] to his parents, [25 May ]: 'I wish you would send me three books Allingham's Day and Night Songs. William Allingham , poet and editor 'Fraser's Magazine' ; friend of D. Verses written by Allingham. Not in NLS. Binding: original green cloth, gilt. Printed Liverpool on watermarked handmade paper. Reissued as Blackberries, Longmans, London, Hans Christian Andersen , story-teller and collector of fairy tales. Danish title: Kun en Spillemand. First published ; sentimental novel attacked by Kierkegaard as joyless in Af En endnu Levendes Papirer Book-ticket: John Howell, importer, San Francisco.

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Cover note: Andersen's Works. Edinburgh : Printed for G. Robinson, London; C. Eliot, Edinburgh, Title continues: 'with large additions, together with the evidence given before the Committee of Fisheries Thomas B. Lockwood Collection - his bookplate affixed inside portfolio.

John Anderson W. Title continues: 'at the Period of the Rebellion and of their Progress up to Title continues: 'the whole arr. See Goodman : Penitent Pardon'd. Richard Cameron, Mr.